5 Best Restaurants in Canggu That Are Value for Your Money

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land

We are giving a sneak peek of the 5 best restaurants in Canggu that will take you to the excitement of a unique culinary experience where you can dress to impress while enjoying the high-class artisan menu surrounded by the laid-back feel of a paradise with, of course, good value. Check out more in the following.

Canggu is a bustling coastal town that becomes one of the trendiest destination choices in Bali. Its beach areas, to name a few: Berawa, Echo, Pererenan, and Batu Bolong present surfer-friendly environments with amazing surf breaks that are worldwide famous. Its inviting atmosphere drives people all over the world from diverse backgrounds to live the dream life they desire from yoga practitioners, surf boarders, party animals, to modern families.

Today, this stretch of land is a hunting treasure for many aggressive investors and even ignoring the pandemic waves that have gone through ups and downs or proven unstable in their number of cases. The competitive chance to own the rapid economic growth area is just rare and attractive. The land value is increasing as new business venues are also newly opening. Canggu is notably a perfect landmark for home living and leisure activities.

#1 Ivy Lounge

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land-Ivy Lounge

It never gets boring in IVY Lounge Bali. Impressively crafted cocktails, finger-licking dishes, and the magical ambiance are what this fine dining restaurant is all about, looking forward to you indulging in them. Their executive chef’s take on the menu focuses on elevating the ingredients in an aesthetic presentation featuring natural elements to manifest the genuine dining experience. It is almost like each dish tells you a beautiful story. IVY Lounge Bali is only a 10-minute short walk from Berawa Beach.

IVY hosts a cocktail party every Saturday where you can play dress-up, enjoy the live DJ performance, create fun, have good memories with your squad and families, or encounter an interesting persona. Reserve your spot before arrival.

#2 Smoke Bali

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land-Smoke Bali

Nestling in the hustle and bustle of Echo Beach, Canggu, Smoke Bali provides a kind of comfy culinary ambiance you can never forget in an open-air eatery. Their specialty is turning meats they received from local suppliers into barbeque perfection that they smoke low and slow on hot charcoal daily from beef brisket, sausages, crispy pork belly, served with a variety of sides such as pickled onion, bread, coleslaw, and their homemade sauce.

The inspiration of Smoke Bali as stated by the Australian co-owner, Louka Taffin came from his love and passion for barbecue parties he held on weekends during the pandemic in his villa. Since many restaurants were also temporarily shut down because of the critical situation, he grilled more often. The fact that people around began to take interest in the tempting smoke aroma sparked his idea of starting the business.   

The communal table is situated under a large tent overlooking the green garden. The customers most of the time love standing while interacting with one another and chewing the delicious hot grills.  If you are interested in celebrating a private event featuring the BBQ journey, Smoke Bali will gladly assist you in hosting it.

#3 Santanera

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land-Santanera

Spaces at Santanera are a mix of old and new elements of architecture. Together they create this harmoniously warm atmosphere especially in the evening when the lights are on. The yellow glow makes an excellent, cozy vibe of tropical Colombian rendezvous in Bali. If you go upstairs to the rooftop, you will find a mesmerizing view of the ocean shades. You can stay there chit-chatting for hours and will not realize that you have spent hours relishing in the cushy mood.

The food brought to the teak wood table, phenomenal. The menu is expertly designed by Colombian chefs Andres Becerra and German Rincon who are extremely passionate about their heritage of Latin American cuisines, the Mediterranean, and further. Their repertoire is finessed in plate tapas priming land and sea delicacies in diverse styles of cooking techniques.

#4 Sa’Mesa

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land-Sa'Mesa

It is hard to locate an enchanting dining experience like Sa’Mesa.  Specializing in Italian cuisines, Sa’Mesa brings the enjoyment of establishing a new connection through food. Their concept is basically as simple as having fellow guests be seated together, strangers or not, and you will witness how strong the power of delicacies is in uniting everyone. Nobody is afraid to go alone and feel don’t belong. It almost feels like you are having a warm dinner feast with your grand family on a large table.

 You can see big smiles, watching the guests laugh, be carried in with the ambiance while stuffing their stomachs with A-class food to their heart’s content.  Then what began as dinner with strangers fades into a dancing scene where people are just having a lot of fun times with new friends.  Their staff and the host are just accommodating and compassionate.

#5 Folie

List of Best Restaurants in Canggu by Catur Perkasa Land-Folie

If you fancy for wonderful French dining journey in Canggu, start from Folie and you can rely on their masterpieces to meet your expectation. The charming interior, the flavorful French cuisine, and the hospitable staff are three elements that are enough to leave you coming back for more. The man behind Folie, Chef Stephane Simond striving to deliver his knack on every detail in the menu, main to dessert, they are all well-crafted to pure elegance. It is the kind of restaurant where you can have your time passed by sweetly with your loved one in a lavish France setting. They serve guests every day from 12 pm to 10 pm. Just to be safe, don’t forget to book your table beforehand.

Do You Love Our Recommendations?

These are our favorite restaurants in Canggu you should totally visit if you need a whole different vibe aside from the tropical paradise. It will be surprising for you to discover spanning continents in this little side of Bali. One restaurant can take you to get a glimpse of France, another can give you a bit of food adventure to Italy. Canggu is, after all, a melting pot gem in Bali where everyone from any background can be cordial toward one another’s beauty and distinction.

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