5 Reasons Why Bali Makes the Perfect Vacation Home Investment for You

perfect vacation home investment in Bali

Does a perfect vacation home even exist? Generally, people have their own unique ideals for what they are looking for in a dwelling that offers them long-lasting entertainment. From the design, location to surrounding areas, there are a lot of things to consider. For some, this might involve a soul-searching journey across another side of the world to find the one. In the middle of your search, you might find yourself landing your choice in Bali and you are wondering what Bali has in store for you.

Our exceptional developer in Bali, Catur Perkasa Land works hard to create not just a house but an experience of a lifetime that fulfills your ideal sanctuary on the island of paradise. See our latest portfolio for Casa de Canggu, home by the best coast in Bali’s hive of digital nomads, perfect for you who adore a new life amidst the tropical sunset dream today!

What matters in a perfect vacation home?

After a nerve-wracking and vigorous five-day week, it will be very energizing to be able to escape to your very own safe haven. You might want to reside by the ocean, hill, or be surrounded by greenery. For several others, that perfect vacation home might mean an exclusive dwelling in the proximity to the highlights after hours with a glittering pool, a toss of booze, and a cheer of the crowds dancing along with the DJ performances.  In a nutshell, when it comes to a search for a perfect vacation home, you would want to be near all the best things you love to be re-inspired or life re-defined when you feel restless and in need of a gateway to chill out for a while.

If you have been eyeing your choice to Bali, no worries, we have sorted out the best elements of the island that you might want to take a look at and add for your consideration.

#1 It is hard to feel lonely when the community treats you like a long-lost family

There is a reason why tourists love hanging out and returning to Bali. At first, you might feel intimidated by how easy it is to mingle with the locals. Their sense of community is just top-notch and notably the best. You will find them greet you with a warm smile and confidently approach you just to say hi and present you with what they have at home from their ceremony offerings. A small action but really gives a deep impact on newcomers’ mentality on feeling belonged and accepted. Moreover, they also respect one’s privacy. If this is not your expectation of a dreamy community, we are not sure what is. 

#2 Beautiful nature you can’t deny

#3 Monthly cost of living in Bali can be less than US$1,900

Although property ownership for foreigners for permanent resident and foreign investment in Indonesia, according to Sukartha & Rekan can only be granted by either right of use or right of rental, your right lasts over two decades and is extendable. This is a sufficient period of time to enjoy most of your life on the island and to work on your lifestyle adaptation.

InternationalLiving pointed out that living in Bali costs you around $1,900 per month. In Bali that would be a stretch especially if you have been a permanent resident here! You can totally press that amount to a minimum of $700 for two per month if you wanted to. Another way to say it, saving up while in Bali is possible without being too strict with your expense. Rather than going to fancy cafés and restaurants every day, you can opt for grocery shopping, buying local goods, and cooking your own meal. Dine-in once or twice a week to kill your curiosity about new eateries would not hurt your budget. Laundry is far from pricey, too. Sometimes, all you need is a good amount of time in understanding a lifestyle adjustment to make in order to be a true citizen of Bali.

#4 Bali’s first collaboration to develop an international-paradigm health facility with Mayo Clinic from the U.S will operate in 2023

Every year, an estimated 2 million people in Indonesia have been advised to carry out their health treatment abroad. Following this matter, the Indonesian President, Joko Widodo supports Bali to be the World Health Tourism Destination in 2023. By the groundbreaking ceremony to inaugurate the construction of Bali International Hospital in 41,5 hectares of land on December 2021, the project will be massive to improve health services for not only Indonesian but also worldwide citizens. Bali International Hospital will bring about an impact to the increasing number of visits for leisure and medical purpose to the island and an alluring offer to make Bali your perfect vacation home as soon as possible.

#5 Renting out your land or property for a higher return of investment (ROI)

There is nothing more promising than making a long-term investment in Bali -an island with the most rapid tourism development record in Indonesia. Its unbeatable stunning landscapes reward its long-lasting position as one of the golden destinations in 2022 by TripAdvisor. You can still receive financial gain from creatively distributing your wealth for assets in Bali and managing them to make profits for you.

But of course, for a start, you need to find that ultimate property you are ready to be invested in. It would do you so much better to have not thought about the furnishings and questioned the quality as well. And for this, we have got you covered, all properties developed and well-taken care of by our leading developer in Bali, Catur Perkasa Land are fully furnished with exceptional furnishing brands and built with ECHO standard -an excellent package deal for rental properties with great value for your investment and a perfect retirement home for you who appreciate luxury in Bali.

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