5 Strong Reasons in Buying Off-Plan Property

5 Strong Reasons in Buying Off Plan Property

5 Strong Reasons in Buying Off Plan Property

When it comes to a prime option for property investment, investors tend to hunt for off-plan property. Why is it so?

 Before we discuss things any further, let’s look at the two main factors that attributes to profitable property investment: enormous returns and capital gain. Every time you decide on buying an off-plan property whether it is under construction or prior to development if one day you wish to sell it, the property will experience an increase in sales levels. What’s better is you might even get a special off-rate chance if you can smartly negotiate with the developer.

 What if we tell you, there are many benefits you will love supposedly you want to purchase a property off-plan. Today, we’ll identify several others while elaborating on two of the main factors above.

The Lowest Property Price Ever!

Securing property off-plan allows you more capacity to buy more efficiently because the price is lower than an average. Moreover, the developers are also happy to provide you with extra discounts because they could market multiple units before the construction is in progress. Because they’re sold out very quickly, the completion can run smoothly according to the set schedule.

Securing Your Units at Large Scale Off-Plan Project Is a Wise Move

The rule of thumb that you should never miss out on a large-scale off-plan project is that to buy one as fast and early as you can. The price inflates as it enters the construction stage. So, bid the best units before the first stone mark is set down. At this point, those units are at their most competitive price points.

Payment Choices Vary So You Have More Capacity to Manage Your Cash Flow

Usually, if you purchase a ready-made villa, you are required to complete the payment ahead. There are not many options left if you are experiencing a decline in financial gain. To propose for house ownership credit, thus, will be laborious. However, if you pick up off-plan, you have more room to take a breather because you can complete the installments as the construction goes on. Flexibility in terms of staged payment and mode of financing is what the developers offer to the buyers and property agents, allowing you to be more relaxed than carrying out full payment at one immediate time.

Greater Value Compared to Its Selling Price

Off-plan construction may take 10 to 14 months to finish. Imagine, if right now an off-plan property amounts to IDR1.5B in total and you can only manage to provide IDR1B at the moment. Can you predict how much of an increase it will get the off-plan to be in 14 months especially after the completion of the construction process? It is most likely that the property goes through a spike and doubles in price. Since you have claimed the property as yours, you merely need to pay the rest for around IDR5M.

In the meantime, you can just chill out and plan better on your next strategy for your expansion in property investment.

 Might it be to re-sell your property before the completion at a higher market value to gain profit quicker, or to rent it, you name it.

 You Can Enjoy the Highest Capital Gain

Significant growth from a house price value is a fact that triggers many investors to angle for property off-plan. It is even more satisfying and gives you more value if you purchase at bargain prices from the starting point

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