Casa Natura Met with Strong Demand over the Pandemic

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On February the 27th, Catur Perkasa Land released Casa Natura, captivated over 80 enthusiasts who could not wait to witness the new soon established community in the Ubud’s sub-district. Among them were aspiring investors, property agents, and VVIPs invited by the founders of Catur Perkasa Land. The premium location Ubud naturally lures the attention of the investors and everyone with a dream of having a beautiful luxury dwelling in the natural surroundings of Lod tunduh Village. They have been waiting in great patience for the launch in anticipation of the special sales to grab the opportunity. The event was perfectly executed despite the rain that occurred the day before and at the day prior to the event.

The idea behind the master-planned community at Casa Natura is to emphasize the concept of live life in balance. Every unit ticks all the boxes with number one being the ideal location of a dream home, two for its luxury design, and three for the elevated lifestyle that awaits in the future of the owners. 

– Catur Perkasa Land

Casa Natura is only a 5-minute reach to one of the most popular tourist attractions, Ubud. It accommodates 12 homes in one compound, offering proximity to the cultural site of Ubud. Homes at Casa Natura integrate exclusive and modern smart villa themes with the size of 120/85m2. Every unit is designed to bring out the elements that create the life balance between the gorgeous vast greeneries and the convenience of modern amenities. Together, they make Casa Natura the pride of Lodtunduh and the reason why the future residents are delighted with the fact that Casa Natura is the home of the now and the future.

Catur Perkasa Land aims to improve people’s lives through the manifestation of one of them, Casa Natura. Located in the peaceful part of Ubud, Lotunduh village creates a flawless home nuance where the property owners can just reset at any time enjoying the panoramic and relaxing rice fields all the way. The natural environment is simply amazing, that is why homes at Casa Natura are just a whole different level. 

Amazing Features

The exclusive design of Casa Natura features 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a comfortable living room, a kitchen, a carport, and one last aspect that upgrades the homes to four-star villas is the presence of a private pool. The exceptional facilities and fully furnished amenities do not only make Casa Natura excellent homes but also the best for long-term investment considering the site is in the vicinity of Ubud, Gianyar Regency. Each unit is priced for IDR1, 980B, not inclusive of the additional discounts for IDR100M (a price reduction of about $6,900) in a limited period. The guaranteed proprietary certificate and building permit are all yours without any more fees to spend.

Time and Tide Wait for No Man

Catur Perkasa Land is truly grateful to see the passion people have put toward Casa Natura by the number of consultation sessions being held even during the pandemic. The prospective buyers, unfortunately, for the time being, do not have the chance of meeting in person or to view the progress of the construction with the professional team of Catur Perkasa Land due to the rising cases of Covid-19 in Indonesia. They may have to wait until the latest update of Covid-19 is confirmed to a safe level especially in Bali, in this case.  By the time it finishes the construction around February 2022, we hope all the buyers have settled in all units of Casa Natura. Before the units are sold out, arrange an online consultation with Catur Perkasa Land. Call now at +62 811-3839-358 or drop us an email at [email protected]. To request a free catalog on Casa Natura, visit

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