Have a Look around the Vibrant Neighborhood of Casa de Canggu, Bali

Vibrant Neighborhood of Casa de Canggu

In every nook and cranny of this exotic coastal suburb of Canggu – Bali, it is easy to relish in coffee roaster culture, digital nomads’ lifestyle, and the yoga community. Canggu is hands down among the top-tier candidates as one of the most desirable regions to travel to and stay in Bali. And we could not be prouder that there lies one of our master-planned projects, Casa de Canggu.

Inspired by the excitement, parties, opulent resorts, perfect surf breaks, and other cool elements that create a sort of hype in this western region of Bali, home units at Casa de Canggu are at an exclusive address for you to dwell in or invest while partying hard till your last drop. From greenery, breakfast, and brunch spots, to popular attractions, redefining life could not be easier to start with when surrounded by the vibrant neighborhood of your soon-established modern community at our luxury clusters.

Stylish Go-To Breakfast Spots Close to Casa de Canggu


If searching high and low for an amazing breakfast is your ultimate mission in Canggu, we got you. Follow our lead to these spots that have attracted repeaters to come over and over for merely an espresso shot and recharge their fuel with a satisfying portion of breakfast nearby Casa de Canggu. No worries, vegan options are also available.

12 minutes from the residence, Crate Café has always been buzzing with crowds. We would be lying if we only rated this café as a regular breakfast spot because the relaxing wind and air coming from the rice fields also the coffee bean being pressed down to the espresso machine early in the morning are almost healing and energizing. They run the café from 6 AM to 5 PM and the menu is started from IDR30.000 which is just insanely affordable.

Meanwhile, Hungry Bird Coffee Roasters is just another level when it comes to their perfect coffee brewing. In addition to caffeine break, you should really try their breakfast deal in here. It is one of our biased cafés in Canggu that we are sure to recommend.

As much as we love the cozy ambiance in Satu-Satu Coffee Company, it is quite unfortunate that working here might be a bit too risky for you because of the limited number of charging outlets. Our suggestion, forget about bringing your work here and just focus on filling your stomach with their hearty meals. Open from 7.30 AM to 11 PM, this café is just situated 16 minutes from Casa de Canggu. 

Casa de Canggu’s List on Local Eateries


Feel a bit too late for breakfast and desire something new than your mainstream western dishes? Fancy to try a full plate of local goodness?

Warung Pande Vegan, as the name suggests, is a humble kiosk serving eye-pleasing vegan fare at the main street of Babakan Canggu, 9 minutes from Casa de Canggu.  Make sure to give a taste to their nasi campur. It is totally worth it – overall taste and price-wise.

 As an alternative for roasted pork cuisine lovers, we heard you. Bali has an outstanding reputation for its authentic Babi Guling. Just around 1 km or 3 minutes at least from the previous location is found a famous eatery of Babi Guling Selingsing Bu Suci. With just IDR25.000, you can have a delightful plate of all kinds of Balinese pride in one plate from lawar to satay and of course, the crispy pig skin roasted to perfection. It might be spicy so beware for those who cannot stand the scorching heat of the chili. The restaurant is always packed at lunch hour and they open at 1 PM, so prepare your feet for a bit of walking journey and be blessed with the flavor bomb sensation.

Famous Attractions, Social Hubs, and Landmarks


Myriads of entertainment are waiting for your arrival in Canggu. For you, social butterflies we bet you need to know these spots to satisfy your hunger for socializing and encountering interesting peeps from the melting pot community in the area.

Love Anchor’s take on the bazaar concept has successfully invited fashion enthusiasts and those who just love the lively vibe to come around. Stands unfolding from 10 AM to 8 PM, Love Anchor is essentially a marketplace where you can discover accessories, handcrafted goods, organic soap, and many more. Their prominent decoration makes a unique backdrop for your camera shots, too.

On the other hand, if you just miss floating on water depth especially when you are with kids, Splash Water Park Baliis a must-go. There are several choices of slides with different heights that you can enjoy with your little ones or spots to daydream under the day beds.

Morning or afternoon jog from the proximity of Casa de Canggu, Echo Beach. This dark sun beach makes an awesome sunrise and sunset spot. Many people also come here for surfing lessons. Otherwise, you can just sit there for hours to release your hectic mind and reconnect with yourself. The picturesque view and calming sound of the waves are two combos that would never fail to make you pause for a moment to admire and be grateful about the day on the gentle sand.

Are you keen to feel laid-back on the cabanas accompanied by the blazing music performance and the beautiful sunset?  Our two obligatory options for you are La Brisa Baliand Finns Beach Club. Both operate from 12 PM and they have an exceptional interior with free entry. They are nice hang-out spots for the life and soul of the party and to experience “live with no regret” with your counterparts. To top it off, you can mingle with many exciting personas as well.

Which Spot to Visit First?

Make sure to indulge in our list of the vibrant neighborhood around Casa de Canggu. Our insider tip to get around is by motorbike for a quicker reach to the areas. Lastly, we have overflowing tips on elegant restaurants in Canggu and useful pieces of information like property outlook this year and many more, so go check out now!

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