Welcoming Bali Opens Border for International Flights

Bali opens border for international flights

Bali opens border for international flights

Bali officially opens the border for international flights starting on October 14. Although it may seem that there is not yet any significant increase for tourist arrival in the international gate up to this day October 28, the Governor of Bali Province has confirmed about 20 thousand hotel rooms being booked by foreign tourists from Europe to the Middle East around November to December. All reservations are made by the 19 countries under the agreement policy with Indonesia.

19 Countries Allowed Entrance Permission to Bali

Several countries which are allowed entrance by Indonesia include Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, China, India, Japan, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Hungary, and Norway.

The Governor of Bali Province, Koster elaborates that the consideration for the selection is also seeing the risk factor of COVID-19. Those countries are somewhere around levels 1 and 2 with a positive rate of less than 5%. The consideration, thus, fits the requirement established by World Health Organization (WHO). Moreover, the 19 countries also apply the reciprocal principle to be the pioneers in the program to quickly recover the tourism industry.

To pass the criteria in entering Bali, all foreign tourists are to take a full jab of vaccine (first and second dose), submit a health document in 3 days prior to departure demonstrating the visitor is tested negative for COVID-19 through PCR, fill in the requirements in an e-HAC app, observe the 3-day quarantine mission, and to download PeduliLindungi and Love Bali apps to support the Government in getting the citizens as well as the visitors safe from the spread of COVID-19 and allows everyone easy access for help.

Concerning G20 that Will Take Place in Bali

Following the Indonesian presidency for G20, the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo on October 8 stated his hope for the International grand event next year to run smoothly in Bali. He believes that Bali has the prime capacity in hosting the likes of world-renowned events. The Indonesian leader also shares how vital the event is to amend the economic situation in Indonesia.  In this regard, Jokowi demands for all stakeholders altogether take part in making the pandemic control in Bali a success.  G20 is a showcase for Indonesia to show the world that we have the strength to take over the pandemic well from the health and economic perspectives.

Bali is now gearing up the facilities to support the event from expansion on green zones and to maximize vaccination rate to 100% by next year and put forward effective crisis management just in case there is a spike of the active case from the decision for Bali open border for international tourists and G20.

Bali open border for international tourism – The Readiness Spot on! From 99% Vaccination Rate to CHSE Certification

If we trace back the tragedy that happened in the last few months, when the active case for COVID-19 kept on adding up and death was at an all-time high, Bali was almost at the brink of collapse. For a small island that relies on more than 80% of its economic sector in the tourism industry, it’s apparent how terrible the COVID-19 wave hit the world-renowned paradise of Indonesia. Today, with the confidence Bali exudes in the air, the island gradually improves its presence. It’s one of the Indonesian provinces with the lowest rate of new active cases per day.

Moreover, the vaccination rate has reached 99% for the first dose and 90% for the second one. To attempt for CHSE certification also shows the enthusiasm from all tourism actors to rebuild the image of the marred tourism industry. It is to demonstrate that they pay utmost attention to Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environment Sustainability in order to inspire safety for the tourists in traveling to Bali.

Observance to the health protocols in the international arrival terminal at Ngurah Rai Airport should be flawlessly executed to ensure that we are running the tourism Industry back COVID-19 free.

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