What Makes Bali so Irresistible for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

What Makes Bali so Irresistible for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers

The term digital nomad has always been around for such a long time. Unfortunately, it was under the radar. It was first introduced in a book entitled Digital Nomad written by Tsugio Makimoto and David Manners which was published in 1997. Digital nomadism then made into a rising trend in the late 2000s, describing a shift from conventional working style to mobile. Another way to say it is this, people obtain a privilege to stay away from the regular 9-5 office routines; flexibility in choosing where and when to do their work.

The growing interest in this work style is apparent since the pandemic hits. Businesses were collapsing and for this very own reason, employees were let have a taste of working in isolation or what is so-called Work from Home. And it worked! A study by the National Bureau of Economic Research even revealed that WFH elevated employee productivity by 5%. Many companies changed their work policy, adopting a hybrid work model in 2021 such as Apple, American Express, Adobe, UBS, and many more. As working becomes more result-oriented, we are pretty positive that in 2-3 years ahead permanent remote work model will be the new fashion in the business paradigm.

Are you in some way searching for a reference for the perfect location that suits a remote working style? If you happen to find a website called nomadlist.com, you will find one destination that always makes in the top three tiers in Asia, that is Bali.

#1 The All-year-round Sunshine

Who wants to be in the cold when you can bask in the all-year-round sunshine? Bali is a world-class exotic destination that is notable for its exclusive resorts, relaxing spa, and of course gorgeous landscapes. Situated in the Lesser Sunda Islands’ westernmost at 8 ° 26’23 “south latitude and 115 ° 15’56” East Longitude, Bali is a province blessed with a tropical, humid climate. Like other regions in Indonesia, Bali has two seasons, dry and rainy. A range of mountains extends from west to east, causing Bali to have rich biodiversity and fertile lands.

#2 A Cultural Trip Like No Others

Bali is a melting pot little island with 4,27 million residents coming from diverse backgrounds and origins. It is a popular tourist gateway with thousands of temples and cultural festivities. Coming to Bali serves as a great introduction to the manifold cultures and ethnicities.

#3 Closer to Other Fashionable Destinations for Digital Nomads by Bali International Airport

I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport has been acknowledged as the World’s 3rd Best Airport by the Airport Council International (ACI) in 2015. Bali International Airport received the award for its service quality from the check-in facilities, ease of access to the airport, airport safety, toilet cleanliness, and others. If you wish to hop from one place to another around Asia, the direct flights of Bali International Airport definitely make the case for your reason to spend your digital nomad journey here.

#4 The Affordable Living Cost

Is Bali the cheapest? Although you cannot quite say that Bali is the most inexpensive destination in the world, Bali offers the flexibility of how you want to manage your daily spending. Of course, you can always afford a bit of luxury by staying in a villa with a private pool then visiting your massage parlor and having a full course of a fine dining experience, or going local, instead. However, we dare say that for all those conveniences, compared to major metropolitan cities, Bali provides far more attractive price ranges.

#5 Reliable Internet Connection

The number one thing that can induce a major problem for a digital nomad traveling to Bali is the availability of the internet. However, this should be the least of your worry. Many accommodations in Bali including cafés and the places you choose to live have ensured your internet. Do you need a more dedicated internet speed and presumably a video call booth? You can always opt for coworking spaces that you can discover in Denpasar, Sanur, Seminyak, Ubud, Canggu, and Jimbaran.

#6 The Breathtaking Nature

Try searching for Bali on Pinterest or Google, chances are you will be provided with numerous picturesque views of its nature or temple. You just knew that it is Bali only from a photo posted on their social media.  Bali is called paradise referencing this reason, too. There are unlimited ways you can enjoy Bali from its mountains, lakes, beaches, and waterfalls.

Bali is a hive for digital nomads and remote workers. For sure, you will easily encounter like-minded networks and people here. Some of them even ended up holding a permanent stay in Bali and you will see why only if you have been around for some time.


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